Fear of God Athletics Enters the NCAA

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  • Designer or Brand: Fear of God, Adidas
  • Key Fashion Development: This weekend Jerry Lorenzo announced that his Fear of God Athletics brand will be designing the Indiana University basketball uniforms for both the men’s and women’s teams. 
  • Trends and Styles: There seems to be a move towards minimalist designs. The trends of uniforms across sports in America, specifically basketball, has gotten simpler over the years. This is no exception. 
  • Cultural or Social Context: The NCAA, like the NBA or WNBA, is very specific about the uniforms that are allowed for players, as well as the brands that can design those uniforms. This being done by Jerry Lorenzo, a Black designer, may signify a step in a direction that has more collaborations between teams and clothing brands. 
  • Industry Impact: With the popularity of streetwear and keeping up with fashion among athletes, this may be the beginning of more work between fashion brands and sports teams. Although it is important to note that Fear of God is connected to Adidas, so this may not have happened if it wasn’t for Indiana University already being signed to Adidas in 2015. 
  • Sustainability and Ethical Practices: This year, Adidas replaced virgin polyester with recycled polyester. Adidas also uses bio-syntehtic materials instead of just relying on natural materials. They have also completely banned furs in their products and gone vegan. 


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