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Druski Announces A Show

Druski (Drew Desbordes) recently announced that he’ll be premiering a new show on his YouTube channel called Coulda Been House. Coulda Been…
kenya facebook

Kenya and Facebook

After some time of negotiations, Kenya and Facebook decided that content creators in Kenya can earn money on Facebook. This is an…

Journey of Resilience

We interviewed Micah Dawanyi who’s an entrepreneur, author, and coach. Although throughout his journey he’s experienced his fair share of adversity, he’s…
Nyamwage Foundation

Nyamwange Foundation

Joseph Nyamwange is an entrepreneur, investor, and financial literacy coach. As a Jersey City native born to Kenyan immigrants, he saw early…
Stephen Spencer

Stephen Spencer

Stephen Spencer has had an unconventional career spanning music, photography, and graphic design. The common thread in everything is the curiosity and…