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Kenya and Facebook Agree on Terms, Empowering Creators to Monetize: A New Era for Digital Content in Kenya
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After some time of negotiations, Kenya and Facebook decided that content creators in Kenya can earn money on Facebook. This is an important development because the power of the creator economy has given people multiple avenues to earn income. 

For the creators in Kenya, this is great because more than likely, they have not been earning as much as they could have been earning. It is also important for Facebook because Africa is the youngest continent and more than 50% of the population is under 30. That group of people are creating online at a high level, and Facebook must incentivize that group to get on their platform and create. 

Over the last few years, Facebook has undergone a significant transformation in its approach to content creation, with a particular focus on empowering creators to monetize their work. This shift in strategy has opened up new opportunities for individuals to turn their passion into profit, creating a win-win situation for both content creators and the social media giant.

As it stands, only Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt are the only African countries that have Facebook creator programs. Based on population, market opportunity, and how rapidly the continent is growing, it is more than likely that more countries will have access to the creator program in the near future.

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