United Masters in Nigeria

UnitedMasters Expands its Musical Canvas to Empower Independent Artists in Nigeria
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United Masters Nigeria

UnitedMasters is a music distribution platform that empowers independent artists to distribute and monetize their music across various digital platforms. UnitedMasters serves as a bridge between independent musicians and major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Artists can use the platform to distribute their music globally and earn revenue from streams and downloads. One of the core principles of UnitedMasters is to empower artists by allowing them to retain ownership of their master recordings. This is in contrast to traditional record label deals where the label often owns the rights to the master recordings.

UnitedMasters provides artists with data and insights into the performance of their music on streaming platforms. This data can be valuable for artists to understand their audience, make informed decisions, and develop their careers. The platform has also explored partnerships with brands, aiming to create opportunities for artists to collaborate with companies for promotional and marketing initiatives.

Recently artists globally have discovered that they don’t necessarily need labels in order to see success. As an American company, a global approach was inevitable for expansion. The impace that African music has had on the American market has been undeniable. So, it’s no surprise that UnitedMasters expanded the platform to Nigeria. This means that Nigerian artists will have an opportunity for worldwide distribution without having to deal with the traditional record labels. With the success of artists like Tems, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Asake, Rema, and Ayra Starr, it is evident that Nigeria is ripe with talent. This was an intentional strategic move, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if UnitedMasters expands to other African countries soon. If we could guess, we’d assume South Africa or Ghana would be next since we have seen a few artists from those countries cross over and get the attention of the global stage.

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